Zumba is a fun dance which can be used by men and women, using the rhythms of salsa, samba and even some Latin dancing, in order to get a healthier body which increases flexibility, coordination and strength. This is excellent for those who want to burn calories and lose excess weight.

Benefits of Exercising ZUMBA:

-It burns calories – with each session during exercising Zumba you’ll burn 800 calories and in addition it increases the melting of fat that is stored in various parts of the body.

- It tones the body – the activity during the various movements in the rhythm of the music helps to strengthen the arms, legs, buttocks and stomach.

- Fun activity which will never bother you, especially if you work in a group with other people. Each new session you’ll learn new dance moves, while working at a different pace for the purpose of the exercise.

- It will make you happy, mostly because exercise stimulates the mood and improves the quality sleep.

- It “kicks” the nervousness and the tension – doing the dance steps it will increase the levels of hormones and substances that triggers good mood and relaxation. After practicing Zumba you’ll feel calm, happy, relaxed and will be prone to sleep easier.


- This discipline can be practiced by almost all ages, only the intensity will be different.

-There won’t be a pain at the end of the exercise, and the risk of injures is minimized. Zumba doesn’t increase the lactic acid in the muscles which causes sore muscles.

- You’ll lose considerable weight during each exercise, through loss of calories. The changes in the body are remarkable, and you’ll be reducing inches around the waist, arms and legs.

To exercise Zumba properly  wear a comfortable clothes and enjoy while exercising. Take a course that is near your home or exercise at home watching videos online. It is a pity if you don’t take advantage of the benefits on a fun way.

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