Many harmful heavy metals that can harm our overall health are consisted in non purified tap water.

Surprisingly, there is a an extremely effective and easy way to purify your tap water by using cilantro.

Besides most of the people use plastic filters to remove the chemicals from the water, cilantro is far more natural way to do this.

Tap water contains fluoride and chlorine, and dissolved minerals such as sulfates, chlorides, aluminum, copper, manganese and iron as well as the metals nitrates, aluminum, copper, manganese, iron, herbicides and insecticides.


Moreover, some tap water contains traces of antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs and mood stabilizers.

Many serious issues such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be caused if these heavy metals not flushed out from the body.

Cilantro is definitely the most powerful toxins remover because chemicals bind to it and extract themselves out of the water when they come in contact with this herb.

This 100% natural water purifier can completely purify your water, you only have to use a handful of this miracle herb into 2 liters of water and ensure the quality of your water.

Via live the organic dream




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