The human body is amazing, and it has a number of ways to inform us if something is wrong. Namely, the body uses the eyes to send signals if something is not right. Our eyes are the window to our health, and these 8 conditions can tell various things about your health.


  1. A Persisting Stye

These can be irritating and painful, but they usually last for several days. In case your stye persists for more than three months, this could be an indication of a sebaceous gland carcinoma, which is a rare cancer. This could also be true if the stye keeps occurring in the same place.


  1. Eyebrow Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by a number of reasons, but if the outer part of it starts disappearing, it could be an indication of a grave problem. This could indicate thyroid disease.

  1. Blurry Visionblurry-vision-e1480000035543

In case you use computers frequently, you could be experiencing blurry vision or burning eyes. If you are experiencing blurriness while in front of a computer screen, you could have the computer vision syndrome. As a consequence of lack of contrast combined with the need to have to focus on pixels, the eyes become strained.

  1. A Blind Spot

In case you have a small blind spot in your visionthat could indicate something more serious. In case your blind spot is a wavy line or shimmering lights, it could be a sign of a migraine aura. Moreover, blind spots often occur together with a headache.


  1. Bulging Eyes

In case you are feeling a bulging sensation in your eyes, there is a possibility that you have problems with your thyroid. Hyperthyroidism, which is an overactive thyroid gland, is what usually causes protruding eyes.

  1. Yellowing of The Whites of the Eyesjaundice_eye_new

This condition is called jaundice. It usually happens in newborns who have immature liver function, but adults can also have it. In case an adult is experiencing jaundice, it could be an indication of a bile duct, gallbladder or liver issues.

  1. Blurred Vision in a Diabetic

Diabetics are at an increased risk of a number of eye problems, the most common being diabetic retinopathy. The circulatory system of the eye is affected by this condition, and it is the leading cause of blindness in America.


  1. Vision Loss, Dim Vision or Double Visiondouble-vision-e1480000548861

In case you have a sudden loss of vision, dim vision or a double vision, you need to visit a doctor immediately. These signs could be an indication of a stroke.

Watch the following video and learn more about the connection between your eyes and health!

Source: Bright Side

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