Consuming the following food products is the best way to burn fat , lose weight and be healthy. Make yourselves a diet plan which will be consisted from all of this food and stick by it and very soon the results will come.


The cereals and also the hazelnuts contain high levels of magnesium, which promotes the exchange of substances in the body. This increases consumption of power and thus you’ll burn fat, so you won’t have fat deposits in your body. Another source of magnesium is the mineral water and that’s why you should drink it daily.


Pineapples have exceptional influence on the organism. They contain a sufficient amount of bio ingredients, and  the important enzyme bromelin (bromelain) , which encourages the exchange of substances, and the breakdown of fats. This tropical fruit stimulates the secretion of fluids from the body. The bromelin is active only in fresh fruit, so it is recommended to eat a ripe pineapple, which contains a lot of vitamins.


Beet stimulates metabolism and is especially important for burning fat. Iron and folic acid reduces the level of fat in the blood, thus avoiding its accumulation. The best way to take nutrients from the beet is to mix it with orange juice and carrot juice, because the vitamin C stimulates the action of iron in the body.

burn fat


Surely you’ve noticed that when you eat something chilly,  you always feel heat and start to  sweat a lot. Heat is beneficial for improving circulation, opens the pores and encourages the exchange of substances, something that is very useful in the process of decomposition of fat. Besides pepper, similar effects have curry spices, chili and ground hot red pepper, which are much healthier than the regular salt and therefore should be consumed more.


Celery has a distinctive flavor and contains many essential oils and potassium, which can speed up digestion and exchange of substances.

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