The carefree swimming in the sea could be spoiled by simple touch of some jellyfish. Luckily, there is a very simple and amazing cure!

The Jellyfish lives into marine waters and have a shape that looks similar to umbrella or bell. During the summer time, these water creatures are often found in the locality of the swimmers who don’t actually want to meet them because their touch can be really painful. The poison from the rays of the jellyfish is causing pain that is similar to burns and redness that appear on the skin.

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If you are somehow touched by jellyfish you need to stay calm and not to panic. You should come out of the water and don’t rub that particular spot, in order not to rub the poison into your body. You need to wash the stung with some sea water, not plain, just to wash the rays off of your skin. Don’t remove the rays with a bare hands and don’t dare rubbing the certain area with cloth.

Apply a plain vinegar or some lemon juice on the affected area,so you will calm the blisters. If you don’t have these ingredients in that moment, your urine can also help you overcome the issue. All you should do is urinate on the affected area. Even though, this procedure is pretty uncomfortable for many people, it will definitely help you in this critical moment. What you shouldn’t do is put some fresh water or alcohol on the hurt area, because it will just make it worse.

Additional advices

Take a few ice cubes and wrapped them into a cloth, then put them and hold on the burning area, because that is reducing the swelling. Also, very helpful advice is to rinse the area with saline solution, because this is relieving the pain and all the visible symptoms. You can visit a pharmacy and ask for some cream that contains analgesic.

In case you are allergic or the symptoms, then immediately seek for medical help.


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