We all know the fact that out body is mostly composed of water so we need to intake a certain amount of water in order to hydrate it. Your brain is made up of 76% water, your lungs are 90% water, your blood is composed of 83% water and your kidneys and muscles are made up of 73%. 9 cups (2.2 liters) for women and 12 cups (3 liters) are the recommended amounts for water consumption.


Every Person Who Is Not Consuming Enough Water Will Definitely Experience Some Of The Following Signs:

1.Your Urine Output Is Reduced

Every person usually urinates 6-7 times per day. There will be less fluid available to replace the fluid that excreted from the organism if you do not drink enough water, so in order to prevent dehydration, the kidneys will keep as much fluid as possible. You must increase the consumption of water if you urinate less than 6 times per day.

2.Your Urine Is Dark Yellow

Light Yellow Amber is the right color of the urine. Your kidneys will excrete more waste products in the urine such as protein, toxins and dead blood cells if you do not consume enough water which results in darker urine. Food coloring, asparagus, blackberries, beets, B-Vitamins and certain medications can also make your urine darker. You should increase the intake of water immediately if you notice a change in urine color (and then observe urine color becomes lighter). It can be a symptom of more serious issue such as gallstones or hepatitis if the urine stays dark for a longer period of time.


Constipation can be usually caused by lack of water. The body will absorb water from everywhere it can (such as your colon) if you do not intake enough water. Harder stools can be also caused by insufficient amounts of water in the large intestines. So you should consume large amounts of water in order to treat or prevent constipation.

Food sensitivities, stress, dysbiosis and intestinal inflammation, hypothyroidism and physical inactivity can be also great reasons for constipation.

4.Weight  Gain And Hunger

One most important defects of the human body is that it can not make a difference between a thirst and hunger. Hypothalamus often get confused because it actually causes hunger when your body needs water. You will put on weight of you consume snack instead of consuming water. You should intake a cup of water and then wait for 15 min when you feel hungry. So you should consume something if you still feel hungry.

5.Your Wrinkles Are More Defined and Your Skin is Dry

Sensitive skin, itching, inflamed and irritated skin can be caused by dehydration. Your skin can also become red with bleeds and cracks in severe cases. Appearance of wrinkles is often caused by lack of water. In order to revitalize your skin, consume more water.


The body absorbs water from all the tissues if you do not drink enough water. That is the main reason the brain tissue loses some of its essential moisture and shrinks, triggers the pain receptors and causes headache. We also have reduced amount of oxygen being carried to the brain when we do not consume enough water so the headache will intensify in response to this.

7.Dry Mouth And Thirst

A sign that you body is slightly dehydrated is feeling thirsty for water. Another symptom that your body needs dehydration is dry mouth.

8.Joint Pain

Water represents powerful lubricant to your joints. They will become nutrient deficient if you do not drink enough water which leads to damage of the cartilage cells. Your cartilage will degenerate beyond repair if your body is lacking water for a longer period of time.

9.Weak Immunity

We have increased concentration of toxins in the blood, which additionally weakens the immunity when the body is dehydrated. The consumption of a lot of water will flush out the toxins from the body and defend the immunity from infections.


Lowered energy, tiredness and fatigue can be caused by mild dehydration.  Your heart has to work harder in order to push nutrients and oxygen through the body when your body lacks water. So, drink a glass of water and skip the coffee when you feel tired. Sports drinks, soda, tea and coffee are not substitutes for water.

Additional Tips

Due to their sugar and caffeine content, juices and coffees are dehydrating the body!

Source: Best Healthy Guide

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