We should welcome the new season fresh, healthy and full of energy.
This is a perfect time to get rid of the toxins , the excesses pounds and clean the body. In spring the body goes through a natural process of purification, but we need additional help if we want to clean the toxins from the modern age. Changing the diets, we consume more liquids and starting a new habits of healthy care for our appearance.

Yogurt normalizes the work of the digestive tract, strengthens immunity, cleanse the toxins from the body, improves and activates metabolism. If you want to lose weight quickly and to vitaminize and refresh your body, we offer you an incredible diet where you can lose from 4-7 pounds in 7 days.

Diet plan

- Yogurt 500 g per day
- Fruit 300 g per day
- Vegetables 300 g per day
- 3 cups of green tea without sugar
- From 150 to 200 g cooked meat – chicken, turkey, beef or fish.

Yogurt diet

You can eat yogurt as much as you like. Healthy cereals are one of the best choices to start the day. The yogurt can be   also combined according to the following rules:
Day 1, 2, 3
You can add cooked rice or potatoes in the menu.  No carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar and salt.

Day 4, 5, 6
Despite yogurt you can eat cooked or roasted chicken. Fresh salads are more than welcome in your body. Carbonated beverages, alcohol, greasy meals, refined flour and sugar are forbidden.

Day 7
Yogurt and fruits without bananas and grapes. You can afford a glass of wine. When you will finish the 7th day, you can gradually increase the amount of other food.

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