Countless pills and drinks promise to speed up the recovery time after workout and to relief the sore muscles. But do these drinks actually help? So, today we decided to present you the best four remedies (natural) for workout recovery recommended by many doctors and nutritionists.

Cherry juice

The newest study has shown that this incredible beverage rich in antioxidants (decrease the pain in runners), also accelerates the recovery of the muscles after a tough workout.

Drink an ounce of cherry juice before the training.

wokorut recovery


The recent research of these healthy bugs, Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus rhamnosu has shown that they lower the cell damage after a 30 days of regular exercises.

Consume it once a day –where one capsule has 1-10 billion cells

Lemon verbena

The amazing extract made from the leaf of this shrub, decreases blood and muscle cell damage in people who ran for about 90 minutes and it did not block the beneficial tissue

Consume one gram of this supplement every day.

Omega 3 fatty acids

The consumption of the healthiest pills on the planet (fish oil pills) every day, decreases the pain and lowers the inflammation 48 hours after a tough training, explains the newest research made from the Sports Medicine Center.

Consume a capsule of 1.8 gram (it depends from the brand).

We hope that you will find these tips really useful for you. Have a nice day and relief the muscle soreness now. Good Luck!

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