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The following story explains how far your body can go.


55 years old Dee Chan was extremely determined to achieve her ever dream, to burn the excess pounds because she weighed 518 pounds. She joined many support groups and tried many diets.

Unfortunately, nothing helped. Her habits were the real problem, so she started losing hope. She was always getting back to processed foods, sweet foods and salty foods. These foods were her passion.

She was also forced to make her own clothes because she was not able to find any clothes that will fit her size. Her feet were too large so she wore men’s shoes.

When she was travelling by plane, there weren’t belts that will fit her. She was still searching for solutions besides the stage of her life was awful.

Dee was not able to avoid her breaking point. Her weight became a big problem. She suffered from infection that went to her bone that harmed her overall health.

“The use of weight loss hypnosis was evaluated by few studies. Most of the researches showed an average loss of about 2.7kg (6 pounds) over 18 months. The true result and quality of weight loss hypnosis has been questioned”

Steve Miller – well known weight loss master was her turning point. He actually represents motivational trainer that focuses on the mindset of the clients, helping them reach a state of calm mind and focused.

This is the ideal way to success. According to Miller’s web site, the program combines motivational support with hypnosis, building your self-esteem and learning portion.

Why is it weird?

Many people considered like this is used for other purposes such as quitting alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. A few hundred years ago, hypnosis was used in medicine for different purposes. However, it started making its powerful way through weight loss.

I have never ever used it before because it requires special skills.

This solution is for those who can not quit relying on their old habits and can not control themselves.


DO I think this is necessary?

I have mixed feeling at this time. However, I can see it worked particularly well on Dee because she succeed to burn 280 pounds. She wants to burn 70 more to get her ideal goal.

Every woman can do that by herself, where strong determination and will are crucial to achieve their goals.

According to me, hypnosis is the most effective way for getting rid of the excess fat. However, the scientists should pay more attention to this topic and should be further investigated.

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Source: FHFN

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