A lot of toxic chemicals are consisted in more store-bought deodorants that can seriously harm your immunity, sebaceous glands and lymphatic system.


1.Parabens – these toxic chemicals represent antiperspirants and preservatives. They cause early puberty in children due to the disruption of hormonal balances. The latest study has shown that parabens were actually found in 18 of 20 samples of tissue from breast tumors. This toxic compound is full of cancer causing properties.


2.Phthalates –  endocrine disruptor is the second name of this chemical. It has been related to infertility in men and can be also present in plastic.

3.Formaldehyde – is extremely toxic compound which is used to prevent deceased bodies.

4.Propylene glycol – this toxic compound usually causes destruction to the heart, liver, central nervous system and skin irritations. 50% of the toxins are contained in some deodorants.

5.Aluminum – in order to prevent sweating, aluminum compounds are consisted in deodorants. There are many scientific studies that have associated aluminum to prostate cancer in men, breast cancer in men and Alzheimer’s diseases. We should also be aware that major lymph nodes are placed next to the armpit area.

6.Triclosan – is known as preservative and antibacterial agent in deodorant which is a carcinogen. Endocrine disruptor is the second name for Triclosan.

The Beneficial Effects of Armpit Detox

This powerful way of detox will help you prenvet the appearance of a rash and get rid of the chemical compounds on your underlying tissues, skin and sweat glands. Many people who have tried this procedure say that they actually sweat less after the detox. Only 30 min are needed for this effective armpit detox.

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The combination between water and bentonite clay will destroy bacteria within the pores. The detoxifying properties of ACV will cleanse the skin easily.


-         1 tsp of ACV (Apple Cider Vingar)

-         1 tbsp of Bentonite Clay

-         2 tsp of water


-         Place all the ingredients in a glass bowl and stir well.

-         By using a cloth, spread the combination over the armpits and let it act for 20 min.

-         If you see some redness on that part of the body, do not be afraid because it means that your blood is actually flowing to that part and performing its job.

-         Wash the armpits with lukewarm water after that.

-         You should repeat this armpit detox until it does not cause any skin irritations and works well

Source: Best Healthy Guide

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