Coconut oil is presented absolutely everywhere these days, from producing the best movie popcorn to adding shine to your old furniture, and now this: you will significantly shed your belly fat by adding coconut oil to your diet daily. This healthy oil that comes from the humble coconut will give you more toned and slimmer physique.


We’ve actually fond the true winner when the respected publications like Dr. Oz and are absolutely raving about this oil melting belly fat.

This powerful oil is unique because it doesn’t clog the arteries. The lauric acid presented in the oil behaves differently in the human body. Strong anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties are consisted in this saturated fat. The fat cells are breaking down quickly by the enzymes.

If you want to cook with coconut oil, it is really flavorful and easy. You can simply substitute olive oil or butter. It is really delicious to bake goodies, roast vegetables in or you can make your own mayonnaise. By replacing the other fats with two tbsp of coconut oil, it is definitely the best things for trimming your waistline.

Weight loss

When you want to get rid of the excess pounds, organic virgin coconut oil is the perfect choice because zero chemicals have been used to process the oil. The ideal time to consume this amazing oil is 30 min before meal for best results in dropping pounds because it will make you feel fuller.

Make mixture between herbal tea or hot water and 1 tbsp of coconut oil, stir it and drink it. Consume this drink two times a day. You can simply use it in cooking if you are not cuckoo for coconut like that.

You will increase the energy expenditure by 5% if you consume 1-2 tbsp of this fantastic burner daily.

Insulin Levels and Blood Sugar

Coconut oil eliminates cravings and hunger and helps diabetic with blood sugar regulation. According to Dr. Bruce Fife, this tropical fat is the only healthy oil that diabetics can consume it safely.

“It lessens the effects of the disease by regulating the blood sugar”.

The study that was published by Journal Diabetes proved that mice fed with this oil have less body fat and insulin resistance compared with mice fed lard.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The latest study that was made at Oxford University has shown that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients had seen beneficial effects from the consumption of coconut oil.

Candida Fungus

The yeast that can cause serious digestive issues, can be battled by coconut oil. This tropical oil is excellent at fighting the fungus.

Thyroid Functions

This oil boosts energy, stimulates metabolism, so it can be extremely effective for those with low thyroid function. By increasing lauric acid content in breast milk and supporting adequate fat stores for lactation and pregnancy, coconut oil can help pregnant women maintain hormonal balance.

Heart Diseases

The tropical oil protects the heart from disease by improving the cholesterol ratio and giving a great boost to good cholesterol levels or HDL.

People of Polynesia and Sri Lanka consume a lots of coconut oil so they have relatively low rates of cardiovascular diseases.

Cosmetic Improvements

This oil is rich in powerful moisturizing and nourishing properties. There are many people who consume this oil for luminous, clear skin and hair. Others keep their teeth, gums and mouth healthy by oil pulling with coconut oil.

The consumption of 2 tbsp per day will give you leaner physique both out and inside. It is perfect alternative for other fats and ideal for the entire family.

Source: Positive Med

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