After the corn, soybeans are the second largest US crop, covering about a quarter of the farmland in America. 99% of the soybeans in the world are genetically modified. Only 1% is not genetically modified, they are conventionally grown. Although people in the US do not consume much of these legumes directly, they are actually exposed to them.

The soybeans are crushed and divided into two parts after the harvest: food products or cooking oil and meal for the animal that become our meat. 61% of the American’s vegetable oil contains soy.

According to many scientific studies, lab tests and researches, today we’ll reveal the side-effects caused by the consumption of soybeans:

Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Soy!

1.It Often Causes Chronic Inflammation

In the last few decades, our diets have shifted totally to omega 6s, the studies that were conducted by the University of Maryland have shown that people in the US are getting 20 times the amount of omega 6 then they really need. This problem actually leads to weight gain inducing, fat storing and inflammation.

2.Exposure to Carcinogens

High levels of glyphosphate are accumulated and absorbed on the genetically modified soybean upon being sprayed where you can not rinse it off (Study published in Food Chemistry). Countless scientific studies have proved that abnormal fetal development, miscarriages and numerous carcinogens conditions can be developed by the consumption of soy.

3.Mineral Deficiency

Soybeans have large amounts of phytic acid and phytate content than any other legue or grain. The absorption of one of the most essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and iron is being decreased because of this anti-nutrient. It induces depression and anxious.

4.Itchy Throat

A Japanese study has shown that 10% of the people who suffer from pollen allergies exhibited sensitivity to soy milk.

5.It Makes You Fart

Soy is full of prebiotic compounds, oligosaccharides and fiber that to flatulence and bloating. People may start migrating away from you after the consumption of plant based meat alternatives.

6.Block Protein Digestion

The large amounts of protease inhibitors and trypsin make the digestion of protein really difficult, leading to gastric distress.

However, here are some additional side effects from the consumption of soybean:

  • It accelerates the process of aging
  • Hormonal disruption
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of libido
  • Infertility in women

Think twice before you consume this food again.

Have a nice day and enjoy your health like never before!

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