Today we will present you the factor number 1 that you should address – immediately! There is a one thing that most of the doctors agree on: You should definitely maintain a healthy weight if you want to lower the lifetime risk. The excess pounds on your body increase the risk of breast cancer by 30-60 %, says Aldige Carolyn from Prevent Cancer Foundation (the hidden fat in the abdominal where it may raise the risk by 43%).

According to Dr. Karen Basen of the Texas University, fat cells pump out an extra estrogen. More estrogen is secreting in the body if you have more fat cells. The circulation of a lot of estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer, says Dr. Colditz Graham, president of the Public Health Institute at Washington University.


Dr. Lee Jones form the Duke Cancer Institute explains that overweight means provide environment for cancer development. “It means that a lots of glucose, a lots of inflammation and a lots of insulin, speed up cancer growing in the human body.

You probably ask yourself ,, What does healthy living mean? “ The best would be a normal BMI (body mass index). Dr. Elisa Port from the Breast Center of Medical Science in Dublin says that BMI can give you the right direction for a healthier body and to try to avoid the risk of breast cancer.

If you are overweight or suspect that you are obese, do not hesitate and get rid of the excess pounds immediately. You can start some fitness program and you can also change your nutrition and eating habits.

According to Colditz, the best thing that you can do to your body and the risk of breast cancer is to not gain any weight in the next 12 months.


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