Your smile is the calling card of very every person which actually generates a good impression to others, so that’s the reason why everyone wants to have neat, white teeth and a celebrity smile.
whithen your teeth

The initial step is maintaining good oral hygiene if you want to steal the look of all and open the doors of the world. Today we will share an amazing home remedy that will whiten your teeth in just two minutes.

Now you do not have to spend your money and time on treatments by your dentists. Use this powerful trick that will make you stop worrying and forget about everything. You need just two highly available and beneficial ingredients to clean your teeth quickly, using this potent, efficient and simple method.

Buy some baking soda and a few lemons and follow these steps to complete the treatment.

1. Add a tbsp of baking soda in a bowl

2. Slice the lemon in two halves

3. Take a tbsp of lemon juice by squeezing the lemon

4. Put the juice in the bowl with the baking soda and mix well

5. Apply the mixture to your teeth by using a napkin

6. Make sure that you apply the mixture to each of them

7. Let the mixture act for 2 min

8. Rinse it off and enjoy your smile. Make a comparison by looking in the mirror and do not forget that you should not repeat this treatment too often and abuse its benefits. In order to avoid side effects on your teeth, use this trick sparingly.

Have a nice day and enjoy your smile like never before!

Source: Healthy Living House

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