Fast metabolism. When somebody mentions this phrase, we all think about the idea for beautiful body without fat. Consuming small and frequent meals – meal in three hours during the day when you are awake – is the most effective strategy for accelerate the metabolism, so you’ll be incredibly surprised by the results. If you combine frequent meals with a good selection of food, then your body will turn into turbo machine for burning fat!

If you are still skeptical about five or six meals a day, then we will give you five reasons to change your mind:

1. Frequent meals boost metabolism

When somebody wants to lose weight, the diet must be based on foods with high thermal effect, as vegetables are rich in cellulose fiber and protein food. Pure protein food without fat, such as chicken or turkey steaks have the highest thermal effect, unlike the greasy food and carbon hydrates that have very small thermal effect and therefore can be easily converted into fat.

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2. Frequent meals prevent hunger attacks

If you eat every three hours, then you’ll forget the word hunger and will not happen hunger pangs late at night. It is absolutely impossible to fight hunger caused by hormones!

3. Frequent meals will give you more energy

Frequent eating good carbohydrates along with proteins and small amounts of healthy fats will stabilize your blood sugar and insulin, so you will not be tired and you won’t have hunger attacks.

4. Frequent meals increase the muscle growth

When you eat carbohydrates with proteins in three hours, insulin is released, but not too much and it transports amino acids to muscle tissue.

5. Frequent meals allow better control of your portions

When you intake more calories in one meal, the excess will be stored in a fat form. So, your meal must be smaller .

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