Asthma, bronchitis, different cough types, lung disorders and similar diseases are very frequent and they occur as a consequence of smoking, infections and allergies.


In this article, read about an ancient recipe that is effective for treating issues related to the lungs, asthma in particular, both cardiac and bronchial.

Our grandmothers used this recipe as a treatment for a number of issues, and its healing properties have been confirmed by people which have used it.

Prepare the remedy in this way:


  • Pure Maple Syrup- 2 cups/ 1.1lbs
  • Purple-red onions- ½ kg/ 1lbs
  • Raw honey- 7 tablespoons
  • Lemons- 2 medium sized
  • Water- 6 cups/ 1.5 l


Take a larger pan and put the maple syrup. Heat it on medium heat. Make sure to mix well and the color of the mass needs to become golden. Then, add the onions (sliced) and cook for a couple of minutes. Then, add the water.

Leave the mixture on medium heat till the water gets reduced by a third. Next, the mixture should cool down. Then, add the juice from the lemons. Finally, put the honey and make sure to mix it well.

Leave the remedy overnight and strain it in the morning.

Put the liquid into a glass container.


Take 1 tablespoon of this remedy after every meal and it will quickly relieve your condition and its symptoms.

Source: Family Life Goals

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