Scientists from the Berkeley University located in California have discovered a new role of the grapefruit in the diet (nutrition) – Maintaining optimal level of the sugar in the blood and melting the excess pounds.

In Hollywood the grapefruit diet is very used and famous. It originates from 1930 and is still a favorite for almost everyone in Hollywood. This diet includes consumption of a grapefruit juice each day, before each meal.

Studies of Japanese nutritionists about the grapefruit and it’s impact  on our diet (nutrition) have shown that even those who don’t practice any diet, but still consume this fruit every day, undoubtedly will lose weight. On average, those who drank a grapefruit juice three times a day lost 6 pounds, while those who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost 6.5 pounds a month. The researches have shown that there is a link (physiological) between insulin and grapefruit, because the chemical properties of grapefruit encourage weight loss and reduce the insulin levels.


Another important thing about grapefruit is that it consists 90 percent water, and every fruit that has high proportion of fluids encourages  need for consuming more fluids, accelerates the metabolism and provides energy. For beginning It’s enough to introduce this procedure as a habit, in other words you should begin and end every day with a strained grapefruit juice. The best thing about grapefruit is that is very easy to find , you can by it in every food market, and has unique but also a wonderful taste which makes it even better.

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