The people who want to reduce some weight, usually try to avoid bananas in any form, without knowing its advantages.

Banana is rich in potassium which releases the excess water in the body, and combined with the other killers of fat can do wonders for your line. With regular consumption of these shakes, you’ll lose the excess pounds that troubled you for long time without much effort.

Therefore, use these 3 recipes to burn the fat and lose the excess pounds, before you put your favorite swimsuit.

1.Banana with flax seeds :

Ingredients :

-1 banana
-1 orange
-2 teaspoons flax seeds
-2 teaspoons whey


2.Banana with forest fruits :

Ingredients :

-1 cup wild berries
-1 banana
-1 teaspoon honey
-½ cup lukewarm water
-½ teaspoon ginger

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