Many analyses have shown that many women do not like the spring –summer period because they are embarrassed to show more body parts or go to the beach and put some bikini on and the reason is their weight. Many weight loss programs are not having successful stories but before you reach the chips – read this and you will figure out that there is still hope for you.

Fallowing we are offering you some ways how to reduce the inches from the waistline:

  • Make a balance of your diet fats

Scientists have shown that if you consume healthy food that in fact will helps you to lose of the body fat. Actually, getting rid of the fat is slowing down the metabolism so if you eat healthy meals you will lose an unhealthy fats. As in most of the case, too much of a good stuff can turn it out bad. So, too much Omega6 and luck of Omega3 will infamies our body and destroy the effectiveness of the weight loss, what is more can lead to diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.  That’s why some simple blood test can help you with getting known better what you metabolism actually needs.


  • Keeping a clean liver

One of the most critical organ in our body is the liver. Every toxin that we consume by drinking, eating, breathing and putting on the skin. Try to drink some squeezed organic lemon in a little hot water for the cleaning.

  • Control you stress

Every time you are in a stressful situation or stress period try to control it because of the Cortisol hormones that are accumulating while stress. Try Yoga, meditation, spending time with positive people in nature.

  • Keep an insulin parallels happy

Insulin is storage of the fat hormones. By controlling the insulin you are controlling your body waistline.

  • Getting rid of the “false fat alarm”

The biggest problem is when you fool yourself by consuming water that can retain and make you swelling problems and the intolerance of hidden food that can be easily confused with allergies.


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