People still use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in order to treat a variety of medical conditions and illnesses. The practitioners of this medicine consider that the balance of the yin and yang can have various effects on your body, including sleep disruption and other similar problems related to sleep.


If you use simple techniques from the TCM, you might be able to soothe your sleep disorder. According to TCM, the yin and yang directly impact your sleep order. The yin is dominant while you are sleeping and the yang is dominant while you are awake. According to TCM practitioners, insomnia comes as a result of disruption of yin and yang.

Have a look at some techniques which help you to fall asleep in 10 minutes.

Five Causes of Insomnia

As stated by TMC, there are five causes which can lead to insomnia. If you find out which symptoms you have, you can establish the best way of treating your sleep disorder.

1.      Liver Stagnation

According to TCM practitioners Qi stagnation can occur as a consequence of angry outbursts. If you have symptoms such as headaches, higher blood pressure, eye pressure increase, or tinnitus, which is a ringing in your ears, you may be suffering from liver stagnation.

To improve the Qi flow you should make tea with peppermint leaves and chrysanthemum flowers, and get plenty of rest as practiced in the TCM.

2.       Increased Amount of Phlegm

Another thing that can lead to Qi stagnation is phlegm heat. It is a condition which has manifestations such as indigestion, acid reflux or stomach pain.

Practitioners of TCM believe that these manifestations occur as result of inconsistent eating habits and over-indulgence in food.

In order to treat these issues, you should eat tangerine peels. They can ease you stomach pain associated with indigestion and similar digestive problems which lead to Qi stagnation.

3.       Spleen and Heart Deficiency

You may be suffering from a spleen or heart deficiency if you have trouble falling asleep, difficulty in remembering things or some gastrointestinal issues. This happens as a consequence of the inability of the spleen to absorb the nutrients required to supply the heart with ‘Shen”.

The best remedy for this is eating pork rib soup and drink Chinese yams.

4.      Heart and Kidney Disharmony

A disruption of the yin and yang can lead to heart and kidney disharmony. The symptoms for this are tinnitus, heart palpitations, giddiness and night sweats.

The best cure for this is Dendrobium tea. Use a double boiler and let the tea boil for three hours. Scatter some cinnamon powder prior to drinking it.

5.       Qi Deficiency of the Heart and Gallbladder

Qi deficiency in the heart and gallbladder can lead to sleep problems. If you are feeling jittery, have heart palpitations, or experience shortness of breath, you may be suffering from this issue. Cook porridge and Chinese dates together in order to cure this problem.

These techniques will definitely help you find the causes and treat insomnia by using Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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