It will take only four minutes a day, 28 days in a row and it will help you to get rid of the belly and back fat.
After the period of exercising you will see results on your arms and abs which will amaze you.
It is called “the plank challenge” and it is composed of only one exercise through the day, and the seconds are increased day after day.

In the first week you need to do just 20 to 45 seconds and until the fourth week the exercise should be done for three to four minutes.

This Simple Exercise Removes Belly And Back Fat In No Time!

How to do this exercise?

-The first two days you need to hold your body in a plank position for 20 seconds.
-On the 3rd and 4th day build up to 30 seconds.
-On the 5th day hold it for 40 seconds.
-Take a break on the 6th day.
-On the 7th and the 8th day hold it for 45 seconds.
-The 9th, the 10th and the 11th day, hold the position for 1 minute.
-On the 12th day, rise to 90 seconds.
-Take a break on the 13th day.
-The 14th and the 15th day remain on 90 seconds.
-On the 16th and the 17th day build up to 120 seconds.
-On the 18th day hold it for 150 seconds.
-Take a break on the 19th day.
-Remain on 150 seconds on the 20th and the 21st day.
-On the day 22 and 23 hold the position for 180 seconds.
-On the day 24, rise on 210 seconds.
-Take a break on the 25th day.
-On the 27th day hold the position for 240 seconds.
-And in the 28th day hold the plank position as much as you can

This is an amazing and simple exercise but in the same time it is very hard exercise because it workouts all your part of the body. The muscles used to maintain this position are located in many body parts.
You shouldn’t stop once you have finished this challenge but continue with planking as much as you can during the day in order to keep the benefits rolling.
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