The bitter gourd or also called the bitter melon looks like a cucumber, except for its gourd-like bumps.

This vegetable is a bitter melon, as its name implies. There are two types of this vegetable. The first one is pale green, oblong and approximately 20 cm long. The second one is dark green, oval and is about 10 cm long.

The seeds of both types are white when they are not ripe and become red once they ripe. It becomes even bitterer when it ripens.

This vegetable grows in humid and hot climates and is typically found in South America and Asian countries.

This vegetables is not that usual in the west, and people might find difficult to consume it because of its bitter taste. However, it is worth a try because of its numerous health benefits.

Nutritional Benefits

This vegetable has a very low caloric value, but it is abundant in nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamins B3, B2 and B1, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, dietary fiber and manganese. Additionally, it is high in iron, has two times more beta-carotene than broccoli and two times the potassium of a banana.

Charantin is a unique phyto-constituent and it has a proven hypoglycemic effect. Charantin can be found in bitter melons. Moreover, they contain polypeptide P, which is used as an insulin replacement for some patients with diabetes.

Health Benefits

Blood disorders: this vegetable is an excellent treatment for blood disorders such as blood boils and itching caused by toxemia. What you need to do mix some lime juice and 2 ounces of fresh gourd juice. Drink it on an empty stomach, very slowly, for four to six months. You will see if your condition has improved.

Cancer: there is an enzyme in this vegetable and it prevents glucose transportation. This reduces the blood sugar levels and also prevents cancer cells from feeding, thus halting their growth.

Diabetes mellitus: there is a hypoglycemic compound in bitter melons which is very beneficial for reducing the sugar levels in urine and blood. Bitter gourd juice can notably improve glucose tolerance, sans elevating the blood insulin levels.

Energy: consuming bitter melon juice on a regular basis improves stamina and energy. Moreover, it also regulates sleep.

Eye problems: because of its content of beta-carotene, this vegetable is excellent for soothing eye problems and promoting eyesight.

Gout: butter melon juice will help you cleanse the liver. It relieves gout pain, improves blood circulation and cleans up toxins from the blood.

Hangover: this juice is also beneficial for treating hangover due to its alcohol intoxication properties. Moreover, it also nourishes and repairs the liver tissue.

Immunity booster: you can strengthen your immune system and make your body more resistant to infections.

Piles: what you need to do is mix a glassful of bitter milk and three tablespoon of bitter gourd juice. Consume it on a daily basis, on an empty stomach for a month and see if your condition gets improved. To speed up the healing process, you can apple the paste of the roots of this plant and rub it on the piles.

Psoriasis: consuming this juice on a regular basis can improve psoriasis. Additionally, it is beneficial for fungal infections like athlete’s feet and ring-worm.

Respiratory disorders: mix a water in which there is honey and two ounces of fresh bitter lemon. Drink this every day and improve pharyngitis, bronchitis and asthma.

Toxemia: bitter melon has beneficial properties which cleanse the blood from toxins. Cleanse the liver by consuming two teaspoons of this on a daily basis. This will also help you eliminate jaundice.

Consumption Tips

You need to buy firm melons. You need to avoid bitter melons which have soft spots or have turned orange. Those bitter melons which are ripe are extremely bitter.

The water melons should be stores in a fridge and it should be kept for three to four days.

If you keep the bitter melons at a room temperature they will riper faster and will become bitterer, because of the ethylene gas.

You need to clean the bitter lemon using cold running water. In order to prepare it, slice the vegetable length-wise and remove the seeds. You can soak it in salt water in order to reduce the bitter flavor.

In order to soothe its bitter taste, you can take it with apple or carrot juice, or with honey. People with diabetes need to drink it with green apple juice.


Consume two ounces of this juice or two melons a day at the maximum. Excessive consumption can lead to diarrhea or mild abdominal pain. People with diabetes who are on hypoglycemic drugs need to consult their doctor.

Pregnant women should not consume this juice because it can lead to preterm labor.


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