According to the latest research most conventional dentists still deny that cavities can be healed on its own if you remove detrimental foods to oral health from the diet and you incorporate proper nutrition.

This Photograph Proofs That Your Cavities Can Heal On Their Own!

However, these details have been totally vilified and buried in the last several years because of motive which keeps dentists acknowledging this truism of oral health.

There still would have been plenty of drill and full business even if dentists promoted this information to the patients that cavities heal. They are doing huge disservice to them if the doctors do not tell the patients this information. Unaffected enamels are less resistant are less resistant than arrested, re-mineralized, discolored caries areas.

In the last few years more and more patients realize the amazing power of proper diet regimen, so we have a situation where one patient started to take a photo just to prove the case. Look at the picture.

We also have another situation where woman from New York took a photo of the cavities of her child for 6 months. Before the healing diet begun, dentist has been identified discoloration and holes in the teeth of the child as actual cavities. The holes in the enamel begun to fill in and the discoloration totally disappeared over in only 6 weeks.

Source> natural medicine house

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