Known as the King of Oils, Frankincense oil definitely deserves this title. This oil has been used for a very long time, and it is prized for its effectiveness. It was used by the Egyptians, Assyrians, and Babylonians in the past for religious ceremonies, and also as a resin for salves and balms. Moreover, the three wise men brought frankincense the night Jesus was born.

Frankincense is extracted from the bark of Boswellia. Its juice which is milky-white hardens very quickly and once it hardens it can be scraped from the tree in the form of droplets which are pear-shaped. The color and the quality of the resin can vary depending on the quality. The one with best quality is silver-colored and the one with the lowest quality is brown-yellow.

Nowadays, this oil has a number of therapeutic values.

Uses of Frankincense Oil

  1. Helps with wounds from burns, scrapes and cuts.

For even better results, apply lavender oil first and then frankincense. When combined, these oils make wonders for this type of wounds.

  1. Neurological support

Frankincense oil supports the function of the central nervous system. Whether it is helping with handling the emotions or improves clarity of thinking, it is certainly of great help.

  1. Reduces and fades scars

All you need to do is mix some frankincense with coconut oil and rub it directly on your skin.

  1. Stimulates the immune system

Just massage the balls of your feet with some frankincense oil and boost the immune system. Moreover, diffuse this oil round your home for better results.

  1. Reduces anxious feelings and stress.

This oil promotes felling of calmness and relaxation. All you need to do is mix it with a carrier oil and apply some on your neck.

  1. Memory and Hormones

Frankincense can improve your memory and balance your hormones.

  1. Aging skin

Combine Frankincense oil with some unscented oil and rub it on your skin. Moreover, add some frankincense to your moisturizer.

  1. Head Tension

This oil is able to relieve tension and pain.

  1. Congestion

Fill a bowl or a sink with hot water and add six drops of frankincense oil. Then, take a towel, put it over your head and contain the steam. Make sure to inhale the vapors for five minutes at the minimum. If necessary, add more hot water.

  1. Relieves Itching

All you need to do is drop some oil on the affected area for immediate relief.

  1. Relieves swelling and joint pain

Mix this oil with a carrier and apply on your joints prior to going to bed.

  1. Solves skin problems

Put one drop on the problematic spots, twice a day.

  1. Relaxation

Take a diffuser and add 5 to 6 drops of this oil. Then, breathe in and open the senses to create a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, you can use it as a perfume and improve your mood.

  1. Removes warts, skin tags and moles

Add one drop 3 to 4 times a day till the problem disappears.

  1. Improves vision

Put 1 to 2 drops of this oil on your palm, then rub the index fingers in it and massage your temples. It will improve your vision and will makes things clearer.

  1. Eliminates musty odors

Add some drops in a small pot of water, place it in your room for better smell.

  1. Oral health

Mix this oil with baking soda and coconut oil and make your own natural toothpaste. It will prevent cavities, bad breath, toothaches, canker sores and similar infections.

  1. Promotes Sleep

Diffusing frankincense in your bedroom prior to going to sleep will make you sleep like a baby.

  1. Makes other essential oils more effective

Combining frankincense with other oils will make the essential oils more powerful.


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