It is pivotal for our mood, body and health to get a good night’s sleep. There are several ways you can sleep. On your right, or left side, back and chest but you should be aware that each way affects your health.

On Your Stomach:

This way of sleeping does not support the natural curve of the spine and leads to overarching. Sleeping on your stomach is never advised. It also leads to tingling, numbness and pain because this puts pressure on the muscles and joints.

sleeping on the left side

Right Side:

According to many experts sleeping on your right side may worsen digestive and heartburn problems. It actually increases the risk of deadly diseases because it slows down the entire system.

On Your Back:

As long as you do not have breathing issues or do note snore, that is the best way for you. It makes it easier for your neck, head and spine to stay and align in a neutral position.

Why National Sleep Foundation Recommends Sleeping On The Left Side

This way is considered as the best position because it is advised and recommended by many scientists and health professionals.

You are saving you life and significantly improving your health when you sleep on the left side. In the holistic medicine the left side is also known as lymphatic side of the body so it filters the toxins through lymph nodes when you sleep on the left side.

For optimal blood flow, pregnant women also have to sleep on the left side. You should try to sleep with your back to a wall if you have trouble sleeping on your left side. A pillow between the wall and you would be more comfortable.

Tip: You can make the body naturally want to turn away from it by putting dim light on the right side of your body.

Source: Healthy Diet Styles

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