ACV is the ideal remedy to eliminate cellulite from the body. By cleansing the body and promoting the elimination of toxins, apple cider vinegar works perfectly for draining the fluids.

ACV destroys the excess fat that actually accumulates in the cells. This powerful ingredient is especially recommended for those who suffer from both cellulite and overweight.


The grease proof properties of ACV eliminate the toxins and destroy the accumulated fat.

You will notice that your skin will get smoother and smoother if you include ACV in your beauty treatments. Exercise routine and balanced diet are also important for your skin.

There are two ways you can use ACV for your body fat and cellulite. Both of them are extremely effective in the elimination of cellulite and getting a firmer skin.

Taking ACV orally:

You only have to mix the following ingredients to make this remedy:

  • A tsp of honey (optional)
  • ½ liter of purified water
  • 2 tbsp of ACV

You should drink a glass of this mixture in the morning before your breakfast and the rest of the drink during the rest of the day. It will make your body shine, eliminate the excess fat and purify the body.

ACV applied on the body

Make a mixture between ACV and essential oil or massage cream that you usually use. Apply this mixture two times per day and gently massage your body.

Increase the water consumption, stop taking any foods rich in fat, accompany the treatment with balanced diet and routine exercises and expect the results!


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