It’s best to remember this method as “4-7-8”. Here is what to do to beat insomnia:

This Is How I've Learned To Fall Asleep In Just 1 Minute With This Incredible Method For Insomnia!

“4-7-8” method to quickly fall asleep

-Lie down in supine position, this is the most comfortable and warm position.
-Close the eyes and take a deep breath through the nose. Inhaling to full need to last about 4 seconds.
-After that, hold the air in your chest for about 7 seconds.
-In the end, start to slowly drop the air through your mouth for about 8 seconds.
-Then, repeat the whole technique 4-7-8.
-While you are doing this, you could count the seconds and therefore to follow the process of breathing.

It is so simple! This breathing practice is reducing the heart rate and is calming you. Additionally, it’s acting swiftly, in only several repetitions. Even though, it may looks like nonsense, it’s working perfectly.

How does it work?

Here is what I really found about this great effect:

When we are feeling stress, anxiety or worry, the adrenaline amounts in the blood are rising and the breathing is becoming rapid and shallow. This process that has been told to me, is acting as some kind of sedative. Holding a breath with mostly show exhalation is slowing the heart rate. It’s physiology!

Also, this method is calming the mind, because you are constantly counting in yourself and really concentrated on your breathing. As that point you are not realizing, but your nervous system is calming slowly and the feeling of concerns will totally disappear. This method with its strength and speed is very similar to the process of anesthesia.

A doctor for medical science at Harvard University, Andrew Well, has also studied this method. He has found that the technique “4-7-8” has been used by the Indian teachers of yoga, for decades. They used this method in meditation in order to get complete relaxation. So, the conclusion is that this method is absolutely safe.

Dr. Weil is recommending that you should prefer this method 2 times every day, in order to perfect it and be able to do it every time you have the need.


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