Getting rid of the abdominal fat can be the most frustrating and difficult challenge for every person. Despite you may tried different weight loss products, diet programs and exercises, it seems that nothing will help to get rid of that annoying belly fat.

There is completely different method which will help you burn the belly once and for all – without any supplements, sit-ups and surgery.


How to get rid of the excess abdominal fat in just 3 steps:

1.Build More Muscles

Our body melts more calories in maintaining muscles than maintaining fat where you will burn more calories if you build more muscles. You will also accelerate your metabolism if you build more muscles.

You will prevent muscle loss, build more muscles, accelerate weight loss, inclined deadlift, squat and bench press will engage and activate multiple muscles where you will burn more calories.

2.Avoid Crunches and Situps

Crunches can not help you to get rid of the abdominal fat, they can only help you build your abdominal muscles. In fact, they can lead to injury and lower back pain when done incorrectly.

Do not forget that there is a huge difference between eliminating the fat layer on the top of your stomach and strengthening the ab muscles.

3.Go Part Time Paleo or Vegetarian

Both of this diets are very effective for getting rid of the abdominal fat because they are consisted of healthy whole foods. DO NOT forget to consume more proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits and avoid the consumption of processed foods, white flour, white sugar and soda.

Dr. Oz will present you some tips about weight loss in the video below!

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