Dr. Robert Weiss opened a “Farmacy” and decided to teach about the importance of diet and nutrition. What he did is brilliant and a novelty in the medical community. He believes that we need to change our focus away from the big pharma companies and to connect with the basic learnings again.


The First “Farmacy”

Dr. Weiss sold the medical practice he had in New York and he built the first “Farmacy” on his 348-acre farm, which is located in Long Valley.

Dr. Weiss treats his patients here and he uses plants instead of drugs. According to Dr. Weiss plant-based whole foods are the most potent tools for fighting disease. He adds that billions of people have been poisoned with synthetic chemicals.

The use of plants dates back to ancient times and all of us know about their benefits. However, we still chose to use pharmaceuticals when we are ill.

Moreover, the food we eat is preserved and processed and leads to a number of diseases in the body. The father of medicine, Hippocrates also spoke about the importance of food.

The priority of the “Farmacy” is to bring the body in balance through consumption of seeds, nuts, beans, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Weiss says that he is not saying that if somebody falls and breaks their ankle he can fix it by applying a salve on mugwort on it. He adds that the fracture needs to be fixed. He says that he is talking about the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, like strokes, heart attacks, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. All of these illnesses are taking the nation and the economy down.

Plants are abundant in nutrients which are essential to the body. During one interview, Dr. Weiss shared a recipe for a lunch he had prepared for himself. His lunch consisted of a salad of radicchio, baby kale, cucumbers, purple carrots, cherry husk tomatoes and onions tosses with walnut vinaigrette. Next, he had eggplant rollatini with tofu, and a dairy-free chocolate pudding with raspberries for a dessert.

The salad is abundant with crucial healing ingredients.

We Need To Take Control over Our Drug Dependence

Provided that we reduce our dependence on dangerous pharmaceuticals and toxins, we have a chance of eliminating all side effects like death, overdose and addiction.

Dr. Weiss shared the story of Angeline Rotella, who is 90 years old. He said that she came to his office in New York, night before Christmas. She was in a wheelchair and had a heart failure. He asked her if she wanted him to call 911 or if she would let him feed her kale and sweet potatoes. She chose the second one and now she does not have heart failure or diabetes anymore. Nowadays she is sewing, cooking and walking out and about town.

She was prescribed a strict diet with grains (whole-grain brown rice and sweet potatoes), steamed greens (kale and spinach), fruit (wild blueberries) and water. Two weeks later, she stopped taking blood pressure medications, says Angelina’s daughter. Because of their mother’s success, both her daughters started the same diet, and they lost about 40 pounds.

There are 90 families which are part of the Farmacy

Nowadays, there are 90 families which participate in the “Farmacy”. All members volunteer, they harvest vegetables and select weeds. This is an excellent exercise for them, and they also eat healthy food.

Dr. Weiss said that human health is directly connected to the health of our environment, food production and the way it is grown. He adds that he sees this farm as an opportunity to take everything he has studied and done in his life and connect it with the human biological system.

Moreover, a recent study proved that people whose work is related to earth, such as gardening, contact bacteria from the soil that releases serotonin. This makes them feel smarter and happier.

Source: www.healthylifestylezone.com

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