Marijuana is becoming more and more recognized as a beneficial medicinal product by both medicinal professionals and the public. Marijuana can treat a number of medical conditions, from insomnia to glaucoma.

Painkilling Marijuana Tampons Which Will End Period Cramps

Nevertheless, its best use is one of a painkiller. It is used for soothing different types of pain, including injuries, inflammatory disease and pain caused by chemo. Foria, which is a company that focuses on creating original cannabis products, developed a new invention which is meant to end period cramps.

Cannabis Tampons

Foria Relief is a product which is sold by Foria. Foria Relief are not typical tampons, but suppositories which are inserted in a similar way. Moreover they can be used alongside tampons for bigger comforting effects.

Foria Relief are made of three natural ingredients, including CBD isolate, THC oil and cocoa butter. Foria states that the combination of CBD isolate and THC oil is supposed to activate some cannabinoid receptors in the pelvic region once they are inserted in the body.

This effect is said to reduce the discomfort and pain which often comes with menstruation. To add, a number of users corroborated this. The cannabinoids cause the nerves in the ovaries, cervix and uterus to prevent pain. Moreover, it relaxes the surrounding muscle tissue and increases comfort even more.

Use It in This Way

Foria Relief is intended for relieving pain around the area where it is put. Namely, you can insert it vaginally and soothe pain in the womb area which is caused by menstruation. Furthermore, there are users which have inserted it rectally and they claim that it had soothed their pain in the hip area and back, places that menstruation affects as well.

In most cases, the pain soothes approximately 15 to 30 minutes after inserting Foria Relief. In case you are using it together with a tampon, you need to insert the Foria first. Additionally, you could have a leakage of some kind several minutes after inserting it, but that is because of the cocoa butter which melts after use.

When you are not using Foria Relief, you need to store it in a dry and cool area like a fridge. It is going to melt if it is kept in a room with a temperature higher than 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source:The Daily Beast



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