The secrets to staying slim and aging gracefully are lying in the Asian diet and lifestyle.

These Are The 9 Secrets Only Asian Women Know About That Can Keep You Young And Slim FOREVER!

Their dairy intake is minimal

Diary is pretty minimal for the typical Asian diet. There are many reasons why we need to ditch dairy, one most obvious one is the milk that was made to turn 100 pound baby calf into full blown 1000 pound adult cow. So, I cannot tell about you, but this is very eye opening thing to me!

They love the ginger

In soups, tea or stir-fly – they just love ginger! It’s stimulating the circulation, improving the immune system and is natural aphrodisiac.

The Chinese medicine is teaching them to heal from within

The Chinese medicine ingrained in them certain health needs to be improved from a root. Thus, instead of providing a drug that can instantly conceal the issue and get rid of the symptoms, they usually opt for a long term internal healing medicine and soups.

Dessert is mostly just a fresh fruit

Desserts for them are usually some fresh fruits, and sometimes when you want something fancy, there are nuts or tofu based fruits.

The sun isn’t their friend

Some of them are caring umbrellas or wear hats with an UV face shield protections on the sunny days. The sun is unfortunately a culprit to the aging and a skin cancer if particular measure aren’t taken.

They do tons of exercise

They are walking as much as possible, avoiding the public transportation or cars, which is a healthy habit to keep the waistline slim.

They drink plenty of green tea

The green tea is very powerful antioxidant when it comes to the health benefits.

They consume lots of whole grains

Consuming whole grains are very rich in fiber such as quinoa, barley, oats, brown rice or wheat, which are lowering the chance of developing diabetes type 2.

Soy plays huge role in their diets

The Asians are eating soy based food for centuries. Tofu, miso, soy sauce and edamame are very delicious and healthy ingredients.


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