Most of the people are having the basics deep-seated in their brains. Eat healthy, eat less and exercise more! But is not that easy. However, if you have the right knowledge you will make a difference in your actions and reactions when it comes to weight loss.


Following, there are 10 important things you might not know about your weight:

Some People Simply Have More Fat Cells

The new fat cells are emerging during the childhood but eventually stop in adolescence. Those people who have lots of fat cells, begin to produce them very young . The rate of these cells is growing faster, even too much if the kids are cutting way back on the calories.

So, while you are not able to reduce the total number of fat cells, there are some things you could do to prevent them to grow in numbers. (You can find that in the next point)

You Can Change Your Metabolism

All you need is a regular physical activity, even if you have family genes of gaining weight easily, with frequent runs and exercising you will have a healthy weight and good-looking body.

Stress Fattens You Up

The stress hormones are ramping up the fat storage. We are taking our stress by sitting down and the unused calories are accumulating in the midsection.

In addition not to gain fat through stress, you should try to leave more time for stress relief, whether it is yoga class or quality time spend with the family or friends.

Your Mother’s Pregnancy Sealed Your Fate

If a mother smokes cigarettes or consumes alcohol during the pregnancy, it can damage the baby’s brain. Studies proved that the fatty foods and sugary drinks that are consumed during pregnancy, can have the same effects as the narcotics or alcohol. So, moms-to-be, remember to give the kids a head start by consuming healthy foods before you give a birth.

Sleep More, Lose More

Sleep deprivation is upsetting the hormone balance, triggering the leptin decrease and the ghrelin increase. Therefore, we want to eat even though we are not hungry and so we eat. Remember, the sleep could be the easiest and cheapest obesity treatment for you.

Your Spouse’s Weight Matters

It is normal for people who are living together to influence one on another with the foods and drinks that are consumed in their home. If both are interested to live a healthy life, they can easily achieve that.

Cookies Really Are Addictive

While foods aren’t addictive the way drugs and alcohol are, the scientists in these recent years have found some odd similarities. When the subjects at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia named the foods they really liked, the parts of the brain that got really excited were the same ones that are activated at the drug addicts.

Ear Infections Can Taint Your Taste Buds

Childhood ear infections are very hard to avoid as colds are bringing them. So, if you are overweight adult that suffered ear infections as a child, then you should pay attention to the texture and the taste of your food. Just finding a healthier substitutes, as fruit instead of a candy, will improve your health and you’ll weight less.

Antioxidants Are Also Anti-Fat

The free radicals are blamed not just for making you look old, but also for making you look fat. Free radicals are emerging when we are eating, but they are especially predominant when we are gorging on chips, candy bars and some other carbohydrates. So, avoid junk and unhealthy food that is loaded up with color, and replace them with an antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables.

You Can Be Fat and Fit

A study that has been published in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that 51 % of the overweight adults in America or 32% of the obese had mostly blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and other measures of a good health. Furthermore, they have reported that 23, 5 % of the trim adults were metabolically abnormal, making them much vulnerable to the heart disease that their heavier complements.

As the researchers have concluded, people cannot change their weight, but they can change their fitness level.


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