Do not pay attention to the media hysteria about mosquitoes that are carrying a virus which causes pregnant women to give birth to deformed children. This is definitely a prefabrication.

Crisis and tragedy have always been used for further agendas for profit. To add, the problems are often created in a way that their creators benefit from them greatly.

The Zika virus has been present since the 1940s and this virus has never before been linked to microcephaly.

How the Media Used This Problem, Reaction and Solution

Just since the beginning of this century we have been witnesses to a number of viruses’ scares such as Ebola, the Swine Flu, SARS, the West Nile and most recently the Disney World measles epidemic. All of these viruses were artificial problems and because of the media and public reactions the big pharmaceutical companies made a big profit.

This happens because everybody is scared of germs and viruses in particularly. The biggest threat to our health is our modern lifestyles that include toxin medicines, fake food, vaccines, a number of toxin chemicals which have infected the household products, air, and water.

Infectious diseases which are spread in areas without or with poor sewage mostly originate from wells.

 The Whole Picture

It is believed that the Zika virus lead to babies being born with deformity in Brazil. This opinion is because the Zika virus was found in the brain of one of the baby who died and in the amniotic fluid of two women whose babies also had damaged brains. However, the tests that were made are not very accurate. Read for yourself:

  1. This virus has been present for decades and this virus has been infecting inhabitants of Africa and Southeast Asia since 1948. However, there have never been cases of brain damage or birth defect of any kind from the Zika virus until now. This virus has symptoms similar to those of flu and it may not cause any symptoms as well.
  2. The number of babies which were born with microcephaly in Brazil has increased to over 4,000 babies since October 2015. This is 13,000 % more than the normal.
  3. The journalist Jim Stone states that it is not possible for a thousands of mosquitos to arrive into South America and cause an unexpected pike in a short period of time.
  4. This unexpected increase of microcephaly are among pregnant women. If the mosquito bites are responsible for the Zika virus, then why are only pregnant women being infected?
  5. Here are the facts: In the late 2014, the health minister of Brazil announced that a new Tdap (perutsis, diphtheria, tetanus) shot is going to be mandatory for all pregnant women in 2015. This is way too coincidental.
  6. According to FDA there haven’t been adequate testing to demonstrate the safety of these vaccines and it is not known if they cause fetal harm or have effect on the reproduction capacity.
  7. Deaths and injuries from vaccines that contain pertussis are the most compensated claims in the VICP. On the other hand injuries and deaths from vaccine flu are the second most compensated claim. The majority of these claims involve infants with brain damages.
  8. These vaccines have been licensed by the FDA to be given once as a pertussis booster shot to humans over 10 years old. Giving pregnant women a Tdap vaccine during their pregnancy, irregardles of whether they have already been given one is an off-label use of these vaccines.


All evidence point to the fact that the Tdap vaccines are the cause for this most recent viral threat hoax. Putting the blame on the mosquito virus conceals the dangers of the Tdap vaccines and makes it possible for the vaccine attempts to continue. A number of women in Brazil are avoiding pregnancy these days.

Who profits from this hoax? It is obvious that the manufacturers of the vaccines Tdap. The creation of this virus also gave rise to creating a new vaccine and all women who consider pregnancy will receive it.


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