Essential oils have become popular because of their beneficial properties and it is scientifically proven that some of them prevent the development of cancer.

The medicine values of essential oils cannot be denied, especially in case of cancer. The frequency of a body which is healthy is from 62 to 78 MHz, but it starts form 58Hz in unhealthy bodies.

Tests about frequency also discovered that optimistic thoughts increase the frequency of the body for 10 MHz. On the other hand, bad thoughts lower it for 12 MHz.

According to research some of the most popular oils like cinnamon, ginger, mint, chamomile, rose, thyme, lemon, lavender, jasmine and grapefruit are affective in fighting cancer.

Bruce Tainio developed the Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) and calculated the essential oils frequencies.

This monitor is used at Johns Hopkins University and at the Essential Oils laboratory where they study the connection between disease and frequency.

Mahmoud Suhail, an immunologists stated that cancer starts when the DNA code of the nucleus of the cells becomes corrupted. Essential oil can reset the state and tell the cell the right DNA code.

A number of essential oils can be found on the market, however, many have been diluted and are not the same quality. In order to benefit from essential oils, you need to use 100 % pure therapeutic grade quality.

Robert O Becker, M.D, confirms that human bodies contain an electrical frequency.

According to Nikola Tesla by eliminating some frequencies which have effect on our bodies, we can improve our health.

Certain diseases can be developed because of certain frequencies.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Values

  • Juniper 98 MHz.
  • Angelica 85 MHz
  • Sandalwood 96 MHz
  • Ravensara 134 MHz
  • German Camomile 105 MHz
  • Myrrh 105 MHz
  • Frankincense 147 MHz
  • Helichrysum 181 MHz
  • Peppermint 78 MHz
  • Rose 320 MHz
  • Lavender 118 MHz

Essential oils contain numerous health benefits and are rich in a number of nutrients. To be specific, in a case of breast cancer cells, jasmine, chamomile, cinnamon and thyme are the most effective and they can kill even 93 % the cells in vitro.

According to a study published in the Industrial Crops and Products Journal, chamomile oil is the most powerful antioxidant.

Cancer and Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil can separate the brain of the cancerous cells, i.e. the nucleus from the body and can close it down before it starts reproducing corrupted DNA codes.

This oil contains monoterpenes, which are able to fight cancer both in its early stages of development and later. This oil changes the cancer treatments entirely. Chemo kills all cells, the cancerous ones and the healthy ones. However, using frankincense oil comes without negative side effects. According to Dr. Suhail frankincense oil contains 17 active agents.

There are a number of people who have used essential oil for fighting cancer and other degenerative disease.

A man from Long Beach was diagnosed with terminal stage liver cancer and was given 6 months. However, he found out about frankincense oil and started using it. He applied this oil topically on his liver and also put some underneath his tongue. His doctor noticed that the size of his tumor has significantly reduced after some time and advised him to continue this treatment. Next, the doctors removed the cancer and this man is now healthy.

A boy had a second leukemia reoccurrence and he combined essential oil and chemo to prevent the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

Furthermore, a patient who was five years old was saved due to a treatment with this oil. To be more specific, this patient had brain cancer and her treatment included applying a mixture of sandalwood oil and frankincense oil on the bottom of her feet and lavender oil on her wrists. This reversed cancer entirely.

Natural remedies and frankincense oil helped one woman against her throat degeneration.

To continue, Ellen, who was diagnosed with bone marrow degeneration and polyscithemiarubravera states that she had significant improvements only three months after she started the treatment with these oils.

A woman was diagnosed with lung cancer and it had spread to her hips, shoulders, pelvis, spine, bones and ribs. She started a treatment with essential oil and 4 months later she could continue her normal life and her malignant cells started shrinking. Seven months later there was no trace of her cancer. She applied frankincense oil every 2 or 3 hours. She applied it topically on the bottoms of her feet and over the areas which were affected.

A man was suffering from pancreatic degeneration and he started using a mixture of 1 drop of sandalwood, lemongrass, peppermint and 3 drops of frankincense oil. Eight months later, he was cured.

Jackie Hogan was diagnosed with bladder cancer and the doctors told her that they need to remove her gallbladder. However, she started the essential oils treatment (a frankincense and sandalwood combination) and cured her cancer.

A woman used lemongrass and frankincense oil against her breast cancer. Six months later she was cured.

Another woman applied frankincense and wintergreen on her feet bottoms and cured cervical cancer.

Furthermore, a man was cured of prostate cancer after consuming essential oils for 3 to 4 months.


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