If you google search for aspartame, it will take you days until you go through all of the results. There is currently so much information, speculation and research that a whole encyclopedia can be written.


Everybody is assuring that it is safe to use aspartame and that we would be informed if aspartame was dangerous.

Skepticism has never been helpful and the more somebody convinces you, the more you try to find out why.

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Where Did Aspartame Origin From?

G.D. Searle is the pharmaceutical company which first developed aspartame. However, they couldn’t get an approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). As it looks like, the mice and monkeys which were the subjects of the trials developed seizures, tumors and brain lesions. They even died from these complications.

FDA rejected their application for approval for 16 years. G.D. Searle was so persistent that the FDA asked for their prosecution for submitting fraudulent test date.

However, later it looked like aspartame would finally be approved for its use in carbonated drinks. Nevertheless, the National Soft Drink Association objected to this, stating that aspartame is not stable when used in liquid form and that it breaks to a number of things, including formaldehyde.

In 1958, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle and Co., and it remained part of the company until 2000, when it was sold to J.W. Childs Equity Partners.

During that time, the FDA has made a list of 92 symptoms which are related with consumption of aspartame. Some of the symptoms are dizziness, nausea, deafness, blindness, weight gain and even death. However, aspartame is present and it is becoming more and more present in products.

Actually, according to the Aspartame Resource Center, it can be found in over 6,000 products throughout the world. The ARC site is full of information which says that aspartame is safe. Moreover, there is a section on the site “Meet the Doctors”. This section list the doctor’s medical advisory board.

ARC states that this board was created in order to help the public learn more about aspartame, its benefits, its safety and the role it has in a healthy diet.

The members of this board provide advice on current nutrition and medical science.

Which Products Contain Aspartame?

According to the ARC, what you need to do is read the ingredients list and you can see if the product contains aspartame or not. This is actually true, since FDA insists on that. However, in case aspartame is not listed, and you can read phenylalanine on the list, you should know that this is an aspartame component and in the product contains it.

Moreover, you need to be careful, particularly when it comes to the list of ingredients. Furthermore, aspartame usually turns up where we least except it, like in the vitamins that children drink, or in liquid antibiotics.

Keep in mind that you must be very careful about the things you consume, since the medical experts and the government profit a lot from the industry that creates and sells this product.
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