When we talk about fitness, we actually think of physical exercises that maintain our physical and mental health.

Doing an exercises strengthen the muscles and cardiovascular system, prevent the body from many diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, brain function, memory etc. We don’t need prior knowledge for these types of exercises, so you need a little love, good will and time to alleviate the stressful and the fast living.

American scientists in their latest researches clearly indicate that the best natural remedy for depression, obesity, heart disease, mental and physical activity is associated with good fellowship.


Think of the FITT principle as a list of rules that must be accomplished in order to get progress.

Fitness motivation

These are the best fitness rules that should be applied with any exercises type or cardio training:

-  Frequency

-  Intensity

-  Type

-  Time 

During any fitness training, the body goes through a process of renewal and getting energy which is a really big motivation necessary for continuing the exercising.

If you follow the rules of the fitness and if you eat the proper food, in short period of time you will:

- Shape and strengthen the body

- Reduce fat and cholesterol

- Reduce blood pressure

- Strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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