You can feel discomfort if you are not satisfied with the look of your breasts. I’ve heard over and over again that it is not possible to have perky breasts by doing exercises and taking home remedies. However, it is possible and I can show you what can have an effect.

There is an exercise that has made an enormous difference for my breasts and I’ve been doing it for years. As an addition to this, I’ve discovered a home remedy which tightens the skin on the breasts and makes them plump, firm and a lot perkier.


Take a look at 2 tips which definitely work.

Tip 1: The Workout

  1. Position yourself on your back on a bench (use a bed or a mattress if you can’t access a bench)
  2. Hold one 5-pound weight in each of your  hands
  3. Lift up  your arms straight above the chest
  4. Afterwards, further them down to your sides as much as you can, like an airplane
  5. Lift up your hands again, back above the chest
  6. Repeat

Do 3 sets of 10 of these every second day. This helps the muscles under the bosoms, in the upper chest and in the armpit area. The difference will become noticeable after a month or so.

Tip 2: The Home Remedy

You need a single ingredient for this and it is virgin olive oil.

Position yourself on your bed and put some pillows behind your back. Put some oil on your hands and rub the hands together. Position each hand on one breast and massage them slowly making circular movements. You need to make 10 circles around one breast, and then you’ve done it. You can take the olive off your breast with a towel but it is advisable to leave some oil on your skin because it makes it more elastic.

Massage your breasts every day if you can or at least three times a week to perk your breasts.


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