The abdominal area is actually the most difficult fat area. It is also most desired to be tightened and flat. Most of the people hate sit-ups but dream for toned belly. Surprisingly, we have good news for those people. Today we will present you an extremely effective exercise that can replace more than 1000 sit-ups.

This powerful workout is called “plank” where all the weight of the body lays on the toes and hands while it is straight as a board. The body will not be able to move even an inch and this way will help you get firm, flat and sturdy abdomen.


Practice this powerful technique a few times a week for 10 min per day and you will get better results than 1.000 sit-ups. Pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Stretch the shoulders as distant from each other is possible by placing your palms firmly on the ground. Feel your hands comfortable and keep your neck stretched.
  • Focus on the stomach muscles and activate the muscles in your lower body by squeezing the buttocks.
  • Hold your buttocks lower and the body should be as straight as line.
  • In order to hold the pose a bit easier, breathe rhythmically.

Make sure that your back is straight and your wrists are in accordance with the shoulders by pressing the knees and hands on the ground. Try to look upward 30 inches in front of you and then stretch your right leg to back so that the fingers are twisted and afterward stretch your left leg.

The whole body should be laying starting you in the toes and face. Hold for 20-60 sec. Bend the knees and sit on the heels so that the huge toes touch while the knees are isolated. Bring down the knees to the thighs, while you are softly touching the floor with the temple.

Stretch the arms in front of you and then unwind. Perform this technique three times in series. Increase the ideal chance for over 60 secondswhen you get used to doing it!

Via Healthy Living House

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