Today we will present you how sanitize and eliminate foul odors from the bathroom with the most effective DIY cleaning tips:

How To Clean Your Shower Head?

  • You need an empty plastic bag, rubber band and apple cider vinegar
  • Pour a cup of ACV into the plastic bag
  • Ensure yourself  that the shower head is using the rubber band
  • You should totally submerge the shower head into the ACV
  • Rinse the showerhead after 60min. the shower head will be completely disinfected and shiny

How to Clean The Washing Machine

  • the first thing you should do is to fill the washing machine with hot water and put ¼ cup of ACV
  • Allow the machine to rotate (turn it on) for some min and then let it sit for 60 min (turn it off)
  • In the end, start a longer cycle

Cleaning the Bathtub


 Get your bathtub cleaned out by using the mixture between sea salt and grapefruit. Cut the fruit in half and dip one half in sea salt. Scrub the bathtub and enjoy in the results.

Cleaning the Tiles and Floor

Make a combination of ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tsp of dish washing liquid and ½ cup of baking soda. Clean the floor tiles with this powerful mixture.

For Sparkling Clean Toilets

The mixture between baking soda, lemon juice and ACV will give you extremely effective cleaning agent for disinfecting and cleaning your toilet. It will look brand new.

Get A Clean Sink

The combination between lemon juice, potassium bitartrate will remove the rust from your sink in no time. You only have to apply the combination on the sink, let it act for a few min and then wash off with water.

Source: Time For Natural Healthy Care

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