We all know the importance of getting enough sleep. Regular and restful sleep is essential for revitalizing the body and rejuvenating the mind. But how many of hours of sleep are enough. A lot of people wake and wonder during the night if they suffering from any health issue such as sleep disorder.

Segmented Sleep – More Normal Than You Realize

You probably wonder if you are suffering from sleep apnea or insomnia if you wake up frequently during the night. Segmented sleep – also known as divided sleep – may not be disorder at all, it can only be natural biological response of the modern times.

wake up in the middle of the night

Roger Ekirch, English scholar cemented the idea that segmented sleep was practiced by our ancestors, using middle of the night walking hours to finish chores around the home, meditate or pray. He also found letters written since the Industrial Revolution that reveal “first sleep” and “second sleep”.

The period between first and second sleep is actually around midnight when the brain produces hormone called prolactin that supports a feeling of relaxation.

The Roots Of Many Sleeping Issues Are In The Human Body’s Natural Preferences For Segmented Sleep

Ekirch explains that the historical sleeping patterns of the people can be the reason for “sleep maintenance insomnia” where some of the people wake during the night and have trouble getting back. At the end of 19th century segmented sleep began to die off and at the same time this type of condition appeared for the first time.

The eminent professor Russell Foster from Oxford University explains:

There are a lot of people panic and wake up at night. The majority of the scientists still fail to acknowledge that eight hours of consolidated sleep may be unnatural. More than 30% of the medical issues that professionals (doctors) are faced with stem indirectly or directly from sleep.

Consider This Before Taking The Sleeping Peel

Exposure to darkness and light govern our natural biorhythms. Almost every person scheduled the day around the setting and rising the sun before the introduction of the light bulb. People more than likely go to sleep when the sun hit the horizon in the evening.

Source: The Hearty Soul


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