The scientists have finally discovered the fruit which is 10.000 times stronger than chemotherapy and the fruit that cures cancer. Unfortunately, the ugly and real truth is that they don’t want to know, as the biggest pharmaceutical companies can no longer sell their ineffective and expensive products. Today we will present you the super healthy fruit which is actually the most powerful anti-carcinogen on the planet.


What is the name of the fruit is the million dollar question. Fruit of the tree soursop or Guanabana is the magical fruit that eliminates cancer cells.

Why we have not heard about this miracle?

As we already mentioned above, there are many organizations and corporation that make a lot of money by selling different medications. By sharing and telling this (fact) article, you can help many people to prevent and treat cancer. You can freely consume the juice of guanabana without any side effect as the conventional chemotherapy. It can be also planted in your yard and every part of this fruit is extremely useful.

Facts About Guanabana

This powerful tree is also known as soursop in Brazil. It has a large, sweet fruits and does not take up much space – it is a low growing tree. This fruit has extremely strong anti-cancer properties and it is really useful for all types of cancer.

According to many scientist and experts, this fruit is also rich in powerful anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties which are great against stress, depression and your blood pressure. Guanana has been also used in the production of different drugs.

In 1970, 20 lab experiments showed that the extract from this fruit kills the malignant cells of 12 kinds of cancer, including pancreatic, lungs, breast and colon cancer.

The amazing compounds consisted in this fruit are 10.00 times stronger than chemo. And the most interesting thing is that the extract of guabana kills only cancer cells, without any side affect and doesn’t affect the healthy ones. Thanks for your read and do not forget to SHARE!

Source: Health is Wealth

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