Most people in moments of fatigue, stress and low mood, go for the carbohydrates. Studies showed that sweet products really improve the mood.

Scientists believe that carbohydrates cause the release of endorphin and tryptophan. When it’s found there, tryptophan stimulates the production of serotonin, which brings relaxation. In addition, carbohydrates are a source of energy and they lift you up when you are tired. But ,the mistake is when you consume bad carbohydrates like chocolate, chips or crackers.

This will cause release of serotonin and growth on the blood sugars . Instantly you’ll feel more  energy, but after a few hours you’ll feel considerable decline in energy and  hunger. Therefore, when you are tired, distracted or you’ve got strong need for sweets, eat complex carbohydrates.


That way you’ll have the necessary energy and you’ll improve your mood, and the levels of insulin and blood sugar will gradually increase and decrease, which will avoid a new craving to eat something sweet and to overweight. Nearly all carbohydrates from whole grains category are the ideal option for snacks – like the Whole-Wheat crackers.

The fruit is also a healthy choice (although it contains carbohydrates), but you can combine it with a small amount of proteins in order to provide tryptophan.

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