Cabbage is a vegetable which is low in calories, but high in fiber. Its amazing properties have been acknowledged by a number of cultures throughout the centuries. According to a research, cabbage can be listed on the super foods list.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory food which is beneficial for colon and bone health. Incorporating raw and natural cabbage in your diet is going to bring you a number of proven health benefits. Moreover, cabbage is a natural remedy for a number of digestive disorders, peptic ulcer included.

Cabbage and Its Health Benefits

Cabbage has 5 most important benefits. However, remember that you have to use organic cabbage only.

  • Colon and stomach detoxifier

It has been proven that cabbage juice detoxifies the colon and the stomach. It is beneficial for relieving inflammation of the intestine and reducing diarrhea. What you need to do is drink a few glasses a day and enjoy all of its health benefits. Moreover, this juice is excellent for healing peptic ulcer. It is for the best to use green cabbage for this.

  • Blood-building

People who are anemic are advised to consume 1 or 2 glasses of cabbage juice on a daily basis. Cabbage is abundant in chlorophyll and has blood-building properties as well. These are excellent for improving the quality of blood in people with anemia.

  • Wound Healing

Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties and it has been used for swollen glands or cuticle, or even on breast which are engorge after breast feeding. What you need to do is put a cabbage leaf on the swollen area during the night. You can use this and relieve wounds, sore spots and blisters. However, make sure that you wash the leaves prior to using them and roll them flat with a glass bottle or a rolling pin. Moreover, you should heat them in a pot with water till they become warm. Then, put the leaf on the wound and leave it there for approximately 2 hours. Next, take a new leaf and do it all over again. Repeat this procedure till your wound is all healed up.

  • Heals Peptic Ulcer

Cabbage juice (the recipe can be seen in the image), has proven healing properties and it is effective in healing peptic ulcer.

  • Liver Detox

Cabbage is powerful when it comes to cleansing the liver. You need to consume this juice in order to soothe hangover. This juice has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce headaches and dehydration.

  • Weight Loss

Cabbage has diuretic and detoxifying effects which are great for improving the regularity that stimulate the weight loss process in a safe and healthy way.

Consumption Tips

  • The best way to benefit from cabbage is consuming it in its juice form, but you can also eat it raw or steam it.
  • Cabbage can be found in three types: Savoy, green and purple/red.

The best cabbage type is the Savoy. Its consumption will help you prevent cancer. This type of cabbage is abundant in sinigrin, which is a glucosinolate which has been researched a lot recently because of its preventive properties against prostate, colon and bladder cancer.

Cabbage is an incredible food and everybody must include it in their diet.


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