Today we will present you the newest secret found for us to live healthier and longer. One of the best news about this amazing discovery is that it can be applied to every person, regardless of your race, age and gender. You can simply predict how many years you will lose in case you are obese with just a simple formula.


Life expectancy or longevity can be determined without going to the doctor or using apps, gadgets.

The latest research indicates that the size of the waist shouldn’t be more than half of your weight. Here is the formula in how you can determine your longevity:

  1. By getting the circumference of your waist and using your measuring tape, get your waist size. Your waist is actually located at your hip bone and lowest rib, right around your middle. Do not breathe because it can expand your waist artificially.
  2. You can simply subtract the waist size from your height so know your height.

Assessing the results:

You can simply learn now how long you could live once you have your waist size. These are the key notes that you have to follow:

  • Science says that you can expect to live up to 81 years old if your waist size is half of your height or even lower.
  • This can shave off months or years from your life, for every inch that is over half of your height. For ex: your goal is to keep your waist size 35 inches or less if you are 5’10’’ – which is actually equivalent to 70. Make sure your waist size is 32inches or lower if you are a 5’4’’ woman.

Say you have 42 inches of waist size as a 5’10”man, this can actually lead to 2 years of the life span. According to this study, being obese significantly affects your lifespan. 54-inch waist for 5’10” man means that this person can lose 2 decades of the total life span. Control your weight by eating right and exercising because obesity does take lives!!!

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