Fat accumulates in certain parts of the body more than others. We all have different trouble areas, since everyone’s body is unique.

We all know the excess fat can indicate a specific health issue such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes etc.

The excess fat in your back can cause injury, pain and affect your posture. So, many studies have shown that strengthening exercises have been proven to be more effective at melting the fat than cardio!


Work with those muscles if you need to burn some extra fat.


Today we will present you the most effective fat burning routine discovered by Randy B. Washington. 3 times per week for 3 weeks per 12 minute (routine) will give your desired results.


Begin each workout with 5-7 pound dumbbells in each hand and feet shoulder width apart.


This workout includes your upper back, mid-back, chest and biceps.

- Start with your knees slightly bent and keep the abs engaged for support

- The upper body should be parallel to the floor. Try to keep your hands extended toward the floor.

- Circle the arms slowly, to the left, up, and toward the chests, over to the down and right.

- 10-12 repetitions with 3 sets is the recommended routine.


This workout includes your upper back, shoulders and chest

-        Start with your arms by the sides with your palms facing toward.

-        Raise the arms up to your shoulder length with the palm to ceiling.

-        Raise the arms over the head in one fluid motion, face your palms behind you and then tap the ends of the weighs together.

-        Return the arms to your shoulder level, make a pause and then lower to initial position. For maximum gain, do not move any other part fo the body.

-        6-7 repetitions , 3 sets


This workout includes your shoulders and upper back

-        Start with your knees slightly bent and then lean the torso forward about 45 degrees.

-        The next thing you should do is to cross the arms at the wrists in front of your knees. Lift the arms to your shoulders height and then back down to initial position. Afterwards, repeat with opposite hands crossed.

-        10-12 repetitions, 3 sets


This workout targets chest and shoulders

-        Raise your arms at the sides to shoulder height and then face up your palms.

-        Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and then pull your arms together in front of the chest until the elbows “kiss” and your forearms touch.

-        By reversing the steps, return to initial position slowly.

-        10-12 reps, 3 sets.

Via Healthy Food Team

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