Candice Marie Fox is the woman who didn’t give up, bravely fought against cancer and saved her life.

In 2011 Candice was detected with cancer. The cancer has spread to other organs because of the thyroid carcinoma. The doctors were predicting that she will not live more than 5 years.


Candice made a decision to stand and battle for her own life, even though she left devastated and broken. She started treating herself naturally and decided to stay away from the chemotherapy.

When she 2 of her relatives, she was totally believed that this therapy wasn’t offering beneficial effects.

She started to investigate and found out that bromelain – enzyme found in kiwi, pineapple and papaya eliminates the protein layer of the cancer. Candice also discovered that animal protein actually feeds it.

She started eating papaya, apples, bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon and 3 pineapples a day. Candice was eating only fruits for days.

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She also tried to decrease stress and gave up using cleaning and cosmetic products.

Animal products, chemicals and stress feed cancer.

The girl has also discovered that when we eat large portions, the body spends a lot of energy for the digestion of the food.

This energy has to be saved in order to fight against the illness.

6 months later, the results of treatment were officially confirmed. All the doctors were shocked! This brave girl defeated the cancer COMPLETELY!

Source: Healthy Food Team

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