Most of the people are not aware that they can not only save their lives, but also lives of other people if they know to recognize the symptoms of stroke. In time and fast treatment minimizes the effects of stroke and it saves lives in some cases. This treatment with thrombolysis is effective in the first 3 hours so the patient should be transported in the nearest hospital.

Stroke Warning Symptoms and Signs and What to Do!

If you know these guidelines, it is absolutely easy to recognize a stroke. As we mentioned above, calling 194 is the most important thing.


Speaking vaguely or can not think of simple sentence are another sign for stroke.


The first thing you should do is to ask the person to smile. If the face is no more symmetrical or the one side of the mouth is curved / immovable, the person has suffered from stroke.


You should also ask the person to raise both arms. If the one arm fall, unpleasant situation has happened.


You should immediately call 194 if the person has any of the symptoms that we mentioned above.


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