You want to lose weight, but you can’t stick to the diet regimen or starvation diets! There are good news for you. It’s not a problem, there are several spices that can help you to drop the excess pounds.

Cinnamon reduces hunger

Cinnamon is ideal spice for sweet lovers who want to lose weight because it prevents from hunger attacks. Sweet food usually increases blood sugar and insulin secretion. That is the reason for putting on weight.

Put cinnamon in the morning coffee or tea – best fresh ground. It also gives a wonderful taste of muesli, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit etc.

Caution: Do not consume more than ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon a day! It contains the substance coumarin which damages the liver if you consume it in large amounts.

lose weight with spices

Ginger speeds up metabolism

Ginger contains essential oils which calm the nervous system, increase the creation of saliva and stomach and gall juice, so the fat can be burned faster and better!

Ginger improves the activity of the intestines, prevents the formation of slag that can hinder digestion.

Drink a liter of ginger tea every day. You can prepare fresh ginger tea if you chopped it into pieces and put it in hot water or to immersed ginger powder in hot water. After 20 minutes, the drink is ready to use.

Hot peppers melt the extra pounds

Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juice which improve digestion. At the same time they warm up and thus increase the burning of fat.

Consume chili as a spice in smaller amounts. Use it in preparation of meat and sauces.

Lemon peel fights against fat

One American study proved that hydroxycitric acid (NSA), an integral part of the lemon peel, inhibits the creation of a certain enzyme that stores fat in the cells.

It is easy to put lemon zest in the tea. Also you can cut lemon in slices and bit it during the day along with the peel.

Caraway improves digestion

The content of caraway helps in the production of gastric juice and food can be digested well. It also helps for abdominal bloating.


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