Rosemary is an amazing herb and it has been used since forever. It has a number of uses, both in the kitchen and as part of herbal medicine. Rosemary has been associated with improving memory since ancient times. It has been referred as the herb of remembrance during the late part of the Elizabethan Era and the Early Romantic period. Also grievers in ancient times wore it as a buttonhole, burn it for its fragrance or throw it in the graves as a symbol of remembrance for those who died.

However, there is a possibility that Rosemary originates from the Arabic world of medieval times, and they were really advanced in science. According to the Arabians Rosemary improves brain function, improves the memory, restores the speech and it should be consumed on a daily basis.


In the past, Rosemary was used as an herbal-amulet. It was put under the pillow, or simply smelt and people believed that Rosemary protects those who sleep from nightmares.

What’s interesting is that there are a number of studies that have proven that Rosemary has a remarkable effect on memory.

The study of Moss, Cook, Wesnes and Duckett from 2003 proved that when Rosemary essential oil is used in in aromatherapy it contributes to mental clarity.

A more recent study conducted in 2012, included 28 participant (all over the age of 75) who were given powdered dried Rosemary leaves, found out that there were significant improvements in cognitive performances.

Another study conducted at the North Umbria University, Newcastle has singled out a certain Rosemary compound known as 1,8-cineole, and this is the compound responsible for mood and cognitive performance.

Additional studies found out memory improvements to up to 75 % from the spread of Rosemary essential oil.

If you think that it is impossible for an aroma to improve your memory, you are wrong. Volatile compound like terpenes are able to enter your blood stream through the lung or nasal mucosa. Terpenes are tiny organic molecules and they can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and can directly affect the brain by acting on enzyme systems or receptor sites.

Terpenes are components of essential oils and they have a strong smell. It was also proven that 1, 8-cineole goes into the mammal’s bloodstream after ingestion or inhalation.

The International Journal of Neuroscience published a study in 1998 which stated that Rosemary increases alertness, however lavender not only increases alertness but also increases accuracy during math tests. So combining Rosemary and lavender would be excellent for improving the memory.

It is very easy to grow Rosemary in your gardens and by growing it you will have abundant supplies for you and your friends and family.


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