Despite the popular belief that bananas or peanut butter should be avoided, however, if you want to lose some weight, these foods are among the most coveted ingredients for diet drinks. 

Peanut Butter

This product will provide to the body satiety and will supply it with the necessary vitamins. The nutritional value of this delicious product hides a large amount of protein and vitamin B9 which is essential for the production of new cells in the body.


Honey is one of the most healing fluids rich in chromium, essential mineral for breaking down the carbohydrates, thus reducing side effects of taking large amounts of simple sugars which are responsible for the fat (put on weight).


This tropical fruit is full of potassium and fiber, which assist to remove the unneeded water from the body and burns fat successfully. Besides natural sugars fructose, sucrose and glucose, it is a really good source of energy for our bodies and the consumption of banana suppresses the false sense of hunger which leads to unnecessary eating.

Banana shake


-a half cup of fat free milk

-a half cup of plain low-fat yogurt

-two spoons of peanut butter (salt-free)

-¼ banana

-1 bigger spoon of honey

-four ice cubes

Preparation of the beverage:

Put milk and yogurt in a blender and after that add the honey, peanut butter and banana. Mix it for a few seconds. Then add ice cubes and mix it again until again until you get homogeneous mass.

Tip*: Try to consume the miraculous drink before workout, because your body will use all the healthy nutrients on that way.

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